Dining Hall Building Project

With joy we announce the beginning of the monastery’s much anticipated dining hall building project, which will complete the assembly of our monastic complex. Reflecting back, it was twelve years ago that we stepped out in faith to begin the construction of the monastery’s large church. It really was an act of faith: in the Lord, certainly; and also in all of you, our generous supporters. Five years later we stood within the completed church, in awe and with deeply grateful hearts for its simple beauty, which continues to console all who come. Its walls represent the love of many! The response to our request for help was genuinely received, and everyone gave whatever they could to help make its completion possible. The Lord, Who is the greatest Benefactor of us all, multiplied every one of those loving gifts – the loaves and fishes – and enabled us to shoulder the financial burden and arduous labor of the sisters to complete such a large project. Now, with this new project, we again turn to you, relying on your good will.

West ElevationA monastic dining hall has always been viewed as an extension of the church, directly linking the liturgical services with the agape meal which follows. The new building has been designed to harmonize in modest dignity with the architectural style and grace of the monastery’s catholicon, which is nestled in a small oasis in the vast Arizona desert.

Those who visit the monastery know first-hand that we are currently using three to four small, separate rooms for our daily meals; and that the food is being prepared out of a family-sized kitchen. Since hospitality is extended to all who come to join in the liturgical services of the monastery, this means a great deal of labor on the sisters part to accommodate everyone. Words cannot convey how helpful it will be to have a suitable commercial-style kitchen, and to have a dining area large enough to encompass the sisterhood and all of our guests together.

Much work has gone into the preparation for this project; the planning and architectural plans are completed, and the necessary permits are in hand. Arrangements are being made with the builders and work will begin soon. Half of the funds needed for the construction have been donated by generous benefactors, and a few of the interior equipment items have also been sponsored. There are many additional items that are still waiting to be sponsored, including tables, benches, kitchen equipment and dishes. For more information on up-to-date availability, we invite you to view them on the sponsorship page.

Knowing by experience of your beautiful philanthropy and generosity, we thought to share with you this gift-giving opportunity. Please consider participating with us in this project, which we believe you will find worthy of your invested gift.

Loaves & Fish