Thine are the heavens, and Thine is the earth…. (Psalm 88:11)
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Sung by the Students of Holy Protection Home School

God created the fields, the forests,
Wild creatures and birds, the fish of the sea.
The sun and the heavens, and in them,
The holy angels singing:

Aghios o Theos,
Aghios Iskyros,
Aghios Athanatos, eleison eemas.

There the many eyed Cherubim see Him eternally,
The Lord our Light, He is holy.
There live the six-winged Seraphim,
And day and night they sing the thrice-holy hymn:

Aghios o Theos…

Thus to the Creator of the heavens,
This angelic hymn do we sing,
From our hearts, in honor
Of the Most Holy Trinity:

Aghios o Theos…

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