Printing Instructions

These quotes and prayers are easy to print out using index cards on most printers. Just place the appropriate size blank index card into the outer slot of your printer (not in the normal paper tray). Click the pdf printer symbol to go to the print menu. Make sure Page Scaling is set to “None.” Click “Properties” button. Click “Preview before printing” (optional). Under “Page Set Up” menu, change Page Size to Custom and enter the size of the index card. Click the appropriate Page Orientation (Portrait or Landscape). Click OK, which brings you back to the main print menu. Under Page Scaling, choose “Fit to Printable Area.” Review the previewed image and layout. Note: If the file is two pages long (e.g. Prayer at Daybreak), first print one side. Then flip the card and put it back through the printer to print the back side.

To print these simple instructions, click the “PrintFriendly” icon at the bottom of this page.

Quotes & Short Prayers
3 x 5 Index Cards

4 x 6 Index Cards

5 x 8 Index Cards